Academic programs

The academic program provides students the knowledge and skill of security technology includes security control, electronic security sensors, fire control, network security, etc., and also provides security management programs such as crime prevention and complete jurisprudence, etc. In addition, we also designed personal defense courses including judo to train students to be able to defend themselves and also to protect other people. The major curriculums are as follows:

Introduction to Jurisprudence
Introduction to Computer
Introduction to Security Management
Basic Electricity
Security Regulations
Intelligent Building conception
Introduction to Civil Law
Microprocessor Control
Fire Regulations
Leadership & Communication
An Introduction to Criminal Law
Police Regulations
Security Monitoring System
First-Aid Treatment
Security Operation Planning
Security Engineering and System Design
Community Safety Practice
Creative Management
Fire Control And Security Alarm Systems
Analysis of Electronic Security Systems Effectiveness
Satellite Positioning Systems and Disaster Relief
Occupational Safety and Health Regulations
Crime Prevention
Project study on security technology and management (I)
Project study on security technology and management (II)
Judo (I)
Judo (II) 
Combination of hand-to-hand combat (I)
Combination of hand-to-hand combat (II)


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